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How to get connected

In addition to our competitive teams, we are passionate about growing adaptive sports globally across the University of Michigan campus and Ann Arbor community. If you are interested in getting involved learn more about the many ways below:

Get Involved


Join the student group

The Adaptive Sports Student Interest Group of University of Michigan aims to provide adaptive sport opportunities for all individuals (students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members), increase awareness about the barriers to physical health for people living with disabilities, and work to eliminate as many of those barriers as possible.



The Adaptive Sports and Inclusive Recreation Initiative is a program that aims to increase knowledge, access, and participation in adaptive sports in the k-12 education system. Currently ASIRI is embedded in Ann Arbor Public Schools with the goal of expanding Nation-wide. 


Join the Mailing List

ASF sends out a weekly newsletter with information about our program including links to sign up for our weekly drop-in. You can stay up to date on upcoming events and results from our teams by signing up below!

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