As a program in the division of student life, directly reporting to the Vice President for Health and Wellness, there are four core areas that the Adaptive Sports and Fitness program addresses to create holistic service areas that work towards satisfying our mission and vision.
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Student Group

The Adaptive Sports and Fitness Student Group is a University of Michigan student group that has the objective of engaging undergraduate and graduate students to educate, spread awareness, and get people involved in adaptive sport.

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Students converse with donors and President Schlissel
Two track athletes demonstrate a horizontal standing stretch

Adaptive Sports & Inclusive Recreation Initiative

The primary goals of the Michigan Adaptive Sports and Inclusive Recreation Initiative (ASIRI) are to reduce the barriers and increase the access to physical fitness opportunities for children with and without physical disabilities by embedding adaptive sports and inclusive recreation programming into the physical education curriculum of Michigan public school systems. By doing this, we will decrease the disparity gap that exists between opportunities for children with disabilities compared to those of their peers without disabilities.

Adaptive Fitness

A core component of our program is getting more people aware about and engaged in physical and recreational activity that is adaptive and accessible for persons with disabilities. Physical activity is essential for everyone to live a healthy life physically, socially, and emotionally as it offers people the ability to derive a sense of purpose in life. Therefore, we place great importance not just on supporting and developing athletes, but on supporting people in becoming the best version of themselves as an individual, student, professional, and athlete.

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An athlete demonstrates a push up
The adaptive sports and fitness team at a wheelchair tennis practice.

Adaptive Sports

Our program is proud to currently offer opportunities for athletes to compete in three Paralympic sports:
• Wheelchair Tennis
• Track and Field
• Para-Equestrian
• Wheelchair Basketball (Recreational)