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Adaptive Sports & Fitness:

Adaptive sports (also known as para sports) and fitness are competitive or recreational sports for people with and without disabilities. Adaptive sports use modifications of rules or equipment that allow for equitable participation in sport by people with disabilities. Some adaptive sports are variations of existing able-bodied sports that run parallel to those sport activities (e.g. wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis). Some adaptive sports have been specifically designed for persons with a disability and do not have an able-bodied equivalent activity (e.g. goalball).


Established in 2018, the program has quickly become recognized for its competitive adaptive sports teams and work in the community to support the growth and development of adaptive sports.

Current Programming:

We currently have four competitive teams, Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby, Wheelchair Tennis, and Adaptive Track & Field. We also have two community-based initiatives that aim to increase awareness and participation of adaptive sports in the Ann Arbor community and beyond. 

About Us

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